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HeavyMetta.rocks is a brand concept AND a dynamic, evolving life philosophy, grounded in over three decades of explorations in creativity, consciousness and wellness studies. Below I give a bit of context for this website and its foundational concepts, however, please feel free to jump ahead and click on any of the tabs above or links below (Create, Heal, Embody) if you’re in a “less talk, more action” kind of mood.

For news/links to music and writing projects, including my band Bread In The Kingdom Of Crumbs’ upcoming album, click on CREATE.
To book a massage, yoga or mindfulness session, click on HEAL.

If you’re seeking spiritual community and connection but find yourself thinking/being outside the box, bun or burrito, click on EMBODY.


The name and concept of HeavyMetta.rocks developed out of the convergence of a deeply felt personal resonance with the Buddhist principle of metta, or loving-kindness, and the Christian principle of kenosis, or self-emptying. The three key principles of Create, Heal, & Embody triangulate to frame the trajectory of my life’s path and weave between them a tensegrity to inform and cross-pollinate each other.
Curious about the left-handed “rock on” hand sign? Click here to find out more about apana mudra, an ancient mudra or sacred hand gesture dating back to ancient Hindu and Buddhist spiritual practices and even found associated with Jesus and various saints in Vatican art dating back hundreds of years.

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