Welcome, the Venerable Irreverend Rusty Jonz…

Welcome, the Venerable Irreverend Rusty Jonz…

I have, this good morning of March 21, 2017,  beneath the watchful gaze of Spirit, followed whole-heartedly in the faithful footsteps of distinguished sisters and brothers of the cloth and other fine, free-range, grass fed fabrics available now live or on the internet, to certify myself a Reverend. Although I much prefer Irreverend, if you must, or even- for situations requiring a bit of pomp, circumstance and savoir faire- the Venerable Irreverend Rusty Jonz: Sleep Shaman, Minister of Dreams. And not only have I certified it so, but thanks to the Universal Life Church, I became a legal reverend in under 30 seconds. Keeping good company is always easy in the Universal Life Church, as it turns out, for the hallowed ranks of fellow Universal Life Church ministers include such spiritually evolved beings as Elvis, all four Beatles, Lawrence Welk, Hugh Hefner, Courtney Love, Johnny Carson, Conan Obrian, and Steven Colbert amongst a slew of others. (Btw- I was lying about Elvis, but everyone else is for schizzle on the list.) Isn’t it extraordinary what the Holy Spirit can conjure up if ye just have faith, my friends? To quote George Michael, may he rest in peace, “…cuz ya gotta have faith, faith, faith…BABY!!”


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