Mug & Knife, 2.0 (full spiritual monty)

New and improved version of “a favorite mug and a good knife”: the rough and ready travel version. At the Starbucks- 6:30am- day 3 of what was supposed to be 2 days of downsizing my big-ass footprint into a van-sized life (#vanlife). Hopefully, this marks a first step in a progressive series of downsizing as I enter this ministerial chapter of my life. I don’t know the Bible well enough to quote scripture (and frankly don’t plan to) but what was that bit, something about “again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (Thanks, Rev Google! Matthew 19:24)  I wonder how Jesus felt about Ram Promaster 1500’s? Not sure i’ll be able to thread that particular needle in a van, but i figure i’m doing the world a huge favor. I WAS gonna go total #loincloth- you know- full spiritual monty and what not, but damn, not even death row inmates deserve to see me in a Speedo. So that’s my mitzvah to the world for now- no sadhu loincloth action until i hit the crossfit gym in Salt Lake and get my six-pack on. Updates on the road to follow. #mugandknife (not to be confused with “the bread and the knife”- that’s for you, J.) 😆

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