The least intelligent among us nurse a blind faith- in Christ, Krishna, crystals, angels, The Secret, or whatever empty carb belief system satisfies their craving. Then there are those whose own reason takes hold, investigating into the nature of things, only to discover the shortcomings of rationality and science, eventually finding themselves unwittingly clinging to that life raft of magical thinking, convinced at least in part that the universe ought be held accountable by some higher order or intelligence.

The most intelligent among us are handicapped with the mental muscle buff enough to strip away the theater and parlor dance of life and cut straight to the chase, forcing them to the inevitable conclusion that- to quote Gertrude Stein out of context- there is no there there. Life, as such, is inherently meaningless, and the only punch bowl at the party is the one they bring to it (spiking it is optional and, one presumes, recommended).

This third position is arguably the most challenging station in life, for these individuals know that the buck stops here- with them, as there is no higher authority- and where they tend to live as cerebral creatures, there’s likely a buck stop on every corner or tucked surreptitiously away in every nook and cranny. That is why if you belong to this third group (and even if, like me, you don’t), the three most important words are be here now. Used separately or together and in any and every permutation (Be. Here. Now., or conversely, Here. Now. Be., etc.), these three basic words bring a kind of sensory-level raison d’etre, moving one out of the thinking/doing mode of consciousness and into the more zen-like, second by second being mode. The Alcoholics Anonymous mantra “one day at a time” has its finger on the pulse, but a more effective and immediate version might be “one moment at a time” or even “one breath at a time.” Be. Here. Now.

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