Welcome To Rusty Jonz.com!

Thanks for stopping by and spending a little time in my sleepy songwriter nook, where I endeavor to follow John Lennon’s advice: “Wake up all day long, make love singing songs.” Join me for a cup of joe and a trip down the rabbit hole of my dreamy narcoleptic world. Listen along as we explore together the terrain of the heart, expanding consciousness and the brittle fabric of waking reality- not at all what it appears to be!

Each songstry (song-story)thread chronicles a different phase of my songwriting in audio, literature, and visual media, and every tune is accompanied by some experiences or reflections that relate to the writing of that particular song. I’ll be bouncing back and forth in time because, as Einstein proposed, time is anything but linear (and folks that know me tend to say the same about me- LOL.). In fact, I’ll be adding to the songstry storyline in a horizontal fashion, building each of the four threads one song-story at a time, so you can jump in at any point in any of the four albums (Flower Power, Middle See, Sapolín, Supreme Suck) or check out some poetry and topical rants at my French Press Blog. I’ll be posting new content from time to time, so stay tuned and check back when you’re in the mood!

Here’s hoping you suck the marrow out of life and explore your inner realms…

Sweet dreams and happy flying,